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Episode 165

AI & the Future of Coaching

In this conversation with coach and consultant Sam Isaacson we dive deep into the disruptive possibilities of using technology AI and AR in coaching, how they can serve humanity and what some possible dangers might be, consequences for coaches, and what skills and capacities coaches may need to focus on in a world that includes AI coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:30 Introducing Sam
07:30 Coaching and culture
12:00 Seeking inspiration
18:00 Dangers of technology
21:30 Coaching & tech
28:00 The evolving field
36:30 The limits of AI
42:00 The uniqueness of being human
48:00 Creativity & AI
54:00 AR possibilities
1:05:30 Ethical considerations
1:12:00 The role of coaches

Resources Mentioned:
Nicky Terblanche
David Drake
Woody Woodward
Daniel Fraga
Stuart Kauffman
The artisan soul, by Erwin McManus

About Sam

Sam Isaacson
Sam Isaacson

Sam Isaacson is an enthusiastic coach, coach supervisor, and coachtech thought leader. He's Chair of the UK Government's Coaching Professional apprenticeship trailblazer group, and works closely with the ICF, EMCC Global and others. Sam combines his background in technology risk consulting with his love of coaching to play various roles with coaching professional bodies and thinktanks. He is the first person to have delivered executive coaching in virtual reality and is the author of several books.


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