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Steve March

Episode 133

Coaching During a Global Cultural Shift

The days of certainty, of reliability in the external world are indubitably over, and our clients are having to navigate their lives within the context of these shifting times. What does that mean for coaching? How can we meet these complex needs and best serve our clients in these times? In this conversation with coach Steve March we unpack the implications of the global moment for coaches and coaching strategies, solid versus fluid identities, fragmenting versus integrating approaches, parts-driven strategies, fragility and resilience, and what kind of coaching can best support people in the current context. [Read more...]

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Joel Monk

I’m a coach, trainer and entrepreneur.

Recently I saw on a deeper level how all the things in my life orient around cultivating a sense of ‘aliveness’. By this I mean – what is it to be awake and fully expressed in this moment? How can I metabolize the conditioning that binds me so that I can wake up into deeper expressions of authentic, embodied human presence?

I’m deeply committed to awakening the leader that lives in all of us. We’re all being invited to align with what wants to live through us and from here we can truly serve the world with our work.