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Episode 133

Coaching During a Global Cultural Shift

The days of certainty, of reliability in the external world are indubitably over, and our clients are having to navigate their lives within the context of these shifting times. What does that mean for coaching? How can we meet these complex needs and best serve our clients in these times?

In this conversation with coach Steve March we unpack the implications of the global moment for coaches and coaching strategies, solid versus fluid identities, fragmenting versus integrating approaches, parts-driven strategies, fragility and resilience, and what kind of coaching can best support people in the current context.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:45 Making sense of the shift
07:40 The disappearance of certainty
12:00 The burden of developmental assessment
18:00 The obsolete “closing the gap” model
29:50 The four depths
37:45 From fragmenting to integrating approaches
42:45 The world of fluid differences
52:00 Dynamic identity
57:10 Defenses, contact and resilience
1:06:00 The issue with parts-driven strategies
1:16:00 Solid identity defense mechanisms
1:22:50 Monocultures and fragility

Resources Mentioned:
Zygmunt Bauman
Dave Snowden
Nora Bateson
Timothy Morton
Dominic Boyer 
Robert Kegan
The diamond approach
Designs for the pluriverse, by Arturo Escobar

About Steve

Steve March

Steve March is the originator of Aletheia Coaching and founder of the Aletheia Coach Training School. Previously, from 2009-2019 he was senior faculty for New Ventures West. He specializes in coaching leaders stepping into new and/or expanded roles and leaders who are burned out (or on the way to becoming burned out). He brings a deep and rich background of sixteen years working in the field of software development as a software engineer, quality manager, senior process consultant, and manager of organizational development.


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