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Episode 151

The Unified Field of Coherence

In this conversation with coach and facilitator Forrest Wilson, we explore the unified field of coherence, accessing essence, increasing inner alignment, expanding our sensing capacities as coaches and the superorganism of humanity.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 Introducing Forrest
10:00 Reimagining the world
15:00 The unified field of coherence
19:30 Accessing the essence
23:00 Increasing inner alignment
27:30 Expanding our sensing
34:00 The interplay of parts
40:00 The superorganism of humanity
49:00 Healing self & world
53:30 Presence, safety & okayness

Resources Mentioned:
Kim Barta
Thomas Hübl

About Forrest

Forrest Wilson

Forrest Wilson is a coach and facilitator and co-founder of Light in Action, a program designed to help integrate peak experiences and assimilate a variety of healing, awareness and we-space capacities. Forrest is passionate about human potential, transformational healing work, and creating a future where we can collectively thrive.


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