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Episode 117

The Practice of Inquiry

There are many avenues of exploration into the psyche; Inquiry is one that brings an aliveness and immediacy that can give rise to a sense of wonder, possibility and radical awareness.

In this conversation with Diamond Approach teacher Dom Liber we explore the practice of Inquiry, how it differs from analysis, the role of somatic sensing and language, applying Inquiry in coaching practice and potential pitfalls for coaches.

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In this podcast we talk about:

03:35 What is Inquiry
07:50 Inquiry versus analysis
13:00 Following the little fish
19:20 Surrendering to the process
25:30 Somatic sensing and language
31:30 Inquiry practice in coaching
38:40 Diving deep with a client
42:20 The cultural relevance of Inquiry
46:35 Ways to learn from Dom
50:30 Potential pitfalls for coaches
54:50 Practice on yourself first
1:05:15 The contrast with meditation

Resources Mentioned:
Ridhwan School
Diving in the inner ocean, by Dom Liber
H. Almaas

About Dom

Dom Liber

Dominic C. Liber is an explorer, writer and teacher of the inner world. He follows a lifelong fascination with both magic and mystery, science and sense. He has been on the inner journey teaching meditation for over thirty years, a Diamond Approach student for over twenty years, and a Diamond Approach teacher since 2015. A former actuary and one of the founding partners of LeapFrog Investments, a global leader in impact investment, Dominic now works entirely with the Diamond Approach. He leads groups and works with students mostly in the UK and South Africa.


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