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Episode 99

The Golden Thread of Purpose

Purpose is often spoken about as an elusive thing that requires a certain amount of luck to locate it. But what if purpose was something that was woven throughout our lives, leaving hints at every turn?

In this conversation with master coach Holly Woods we explore purpose as a golden thread throughout our lives, how to recognise it, how purpose manifests through stages of development and the magic and struggle around purpose that manifest in the later stages of development.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:55 The Golden Thread
07:15 Hearing the call
11:35 Recognising purpose
19:00 The intersection of soul and innovation
25:35 Purpose through stages of development
32:10 Growth during the pandemic
36:00 Inner paradigm shifts
39:15 Magic in the Subtle Tier
43:45 Shedding old skins
51:10 The Purpose Flywheel
53:40 Purpose Launch Lab

Resources Mentioned:
The Golden Thread, by Holly Woods
Michael Meade
Bill Plotkin
Callings, by Gregg Levoy
Daniel Schmachtenberger
Susanne Cook-Greuter
Real Magic, by Dean Radin
Good to Great, by Jim Collins

About Holly

Holly Woods

Holly Woods PhD is a master coach, mentor and the founder of Purpose Launch Lab who works with individuals, organizations and businesses to align their lives and work with soul purpose. She brings 30 years of consulting and coaching in human and organizational development and two decades of experience building and scaling business and products to help entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators create impact. Holly helps clients uncover their nuanced purpose, gain the capacities and mindset to attain their unreasonable goals, and align decisions, products and systems around what matters most. She is the author of The Golden Thread: Finding Purpose in the Stages of Your Life.


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