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Episode 157

The Future of Coaching & Tech

In this conversation with author, coach and entrepreneur Neo Moreton we explore the 3 prongs of Microshift Method, how connection changes our physiology, the business model of coaching, fostering sincerity and realness and the future of coaching and tech.

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In this podcast we talk about:

05:00 How the pandemic affected habits
08:30 Introducing Microshift
12:00 Connection & physiology
18:00 The expansion of coaching
23:30 The business model of coaching
28:30 Micro Expressions are data points
33:00 Real over right
37:30 Waking up
41:00 Fostering sincerity

Resources Mentioned:
Heartmath Institute
Being real for a change, by Neo Moreton
Advaita Vedanta

About Neo

Neo Moreton

Neo Moreton is a business-building Brit with a fierce passion for real growth in real life. Neo is inspired by tech and consciousness in equal measures and with his vast experience of high growth tech companies, business development and M&A, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Microshift, Founder of BYOND, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Urban OM and Co-Founder of Reach Within. He is also the author of Being real for a change.


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