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Episode 108

Ontological Coaching & the Power of Delight

November 5, 2021
66 minutes

Coaching is so much more than employing the skillset we’re taught in training. If we bring all of who we are to our coaching, then necessarily our own relationship with life in all its facets will inform how deep we can go with our clients.

In this conversation with life coach Marita Bolles we explore the ontological approach of her coaching, some common pitfalls for coaches, how we relate to possibility, inquiring into faith, depth in the coaching industry and the future of coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

05:35 The energy of delight
07:50 Addressing ontological laziness
11:40 Relating to dynamic possibility
18:30 The four domains of Whetstone
22:45 The phenomenological experience
28:15 Identifying gaps in desire and action
34:35 Inquiry into faith
39:50 Depth in the coaching industry
43:00 Engaging with the metaphysical
51:25 The scope of coaching
55:45 Expanding the vision

John Dewey
Audre Lorde
Rand Stagan
Speaking Being, by Werner Erhard

About Marita

Marita Bolles

Marita Bolles is a professional life coach who has trained coaches and leaders within an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training program and works with leaders, teams, coaches and individuals on their professional and personal development. Marita’s philosophy of coaching is wholistic, and her methodology is both ontological and facilitative. She is also a practicing artist and a scholar, with an MA and PhD in music, and an MFA in visual art, with specialties in applied ontology, cybernetics, conceptual art and music composition.


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