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Episode 102

Navigating the Cultural Shift & Fostering a Developmental Society

We are facing the shifting of an age. Humanity can and must radically transform – what individual and collective actions are constructive to facilitate this process?

In this conversation with entrepreneur Tomas Björkman we take a meta view of the current times of social and political upheaval and explore lessons from deep history to deep psychology, considerations in transforming complex systems, the fragility and transformation of social constructs and the individual shifts we can make.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:00 Framing the current cultural shift
06:00 Learning from past social shifts
14:20 Transforming complex systems
18:30 From outcome-oriented to process-oriented
23:50 Deep history to deep psychology
28:00 The fragility of social constructs
33:30 Supporting shifts in social beliefs
38:00 Self-authoring mind in these times
43:30 Fostering self-transforming mind
50:30 Re-integrating soul
55:15 Constructive worldview shifts

Resources Mentioned:
Robert Kegan
Perspectiva / Systems-Souls-Society

About Tomas

Tomas Björkman

Tomas Björkman is a social entrepreneur, thinker, writer, and philanthropist. Formerly a serial entrepreneur in banking, real estate, media and IT, Tomas has since shifted his efforts toward catalyzing a human culture of consciousness development that can drive societal change. He is the co-founder of the Ekskäret Foundation in Stockholm, which aims to catalyze higher levels of individual and societal consciousness by supporting social entrepreneurs and operating arenas that bring change agents together. He is also the author of The Market Myth, The Nordic Secret and The World We Create.


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