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Episode 104

Interpersonal Neurobiology & Working with Emergence

The impact of our relating is becoming ever more recognised as a crucial piece of the puzzle in our ability to thrive.

In this conversation with psychologist and consultant Debra Pearce-McCall we dive into interpersonal neurobiology, the emergent property of mind and how to harness it in coaching, emotional contagion and its implications, the dance of emergence and structure and relationality in the workplace.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:30 What is a Prosilient Mind
05:35 Looking through a trinocular lens
11:00 The emergent property of mind
17:35 Implications of emotional contagion 
22:10 The dance of emergence and structure 
25:00 The potential of interconnectedness
34:00 Polyvagal theory and relating
38:55 Relationality in the workplace
45:10 The domino effect of wholeness
51:40 Choosing your models
55:10 The call for change-makers

Resources Mentioned:
Dan Siegel
Lou Cozolino
Allan Schore
Stephen Porges
Judith E. Glaser
Virginia Satir

About Debra

Debra Pearce-McCall

Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, is a psychologist, consultant and mind coach, who brings the latest understandings of our relating minds and brains into everything she does. She works with leaders, healthcare professionals, coaches, educators, and other folks who want to bring mindful, compassionate presence and applied neuroscience into their lives and their mentoring work with people. Debra has been active in the cutting-edge field of interpersonal neurobiology for over a decade and integrates its meta-framework with state of the art tools, including mind-body methods that help strengthen the nervous system and brain, and powerful skill builders, like Conversational Intelligence®.


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