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Episode 116

Focusing & The Forward Movement of Life

We can only move forwards if we start where we are; a powerful approach we can adopt as coaches is to cultivate deep presence and from there allow a forward movement to emerge organically.

In this conversation with Focusing expert and innovator Ann Weiser Cornell we dive into the practice of focusing, how it works, why it’s so effective, working with emotions and parts, the wisdom of the body and the foundations of our inner world.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:05 What is Focusing
05:40 Interaction comes first
12:45 Felt sense and the body
19:40 The inner container
23:40 Focusing emotions
27:50 Beyond catharsis
32:30 The forward movement
38:00 Opening to what is
46:20 Healing through acceptance
49:50 Positive messages of parts
53:20 The body knows
58:55 Working with Focusing
1:05:20 Sensing and describing

Resources Mentioned:
Free Focusing Resource
Focusing in clinical practice, by Ann Weiser Cornell
Eugene Gendlin

About Ann

Ann Weiser Cornell

Ann Weiser Cornell is internationally recognized as one of the leading innovators and theoreticians of Focusing. She has taught Focusing in eighteen countries and her Focusing books and manuals have been translated into seven other languages. Ann is well-known in the Focusing world for her attention to the language that facilitates Focusing, her popular manuals, and her co-creation with Barbara McGavin of Treasure Maps to the Soul, a body of work applying Focusing to difficult areas such as addiction, depression, action blocks, self-criticism, and unfulfilled desire.


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