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Episode 69

Deep Coaching & the Monasticization of Daily Life

More and more, coaching is moving towards being a holistic practice. Learning to hold a business perspective as well as somatic, spiritual and mental perspectives allows for the creation of a truly all-encompassing container for growth.

In this conversation with transformational coach Dave Burns, we talk about the business and mystery of coaching, blending insight and somatic intuition and how the monasticization of daily life is a powerful tool.

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Fostering Transformation

The experience of self-actualisation seems to have some common threads across people. Dave has found that the monasticization of daily life usually proves extremely beneficial; systematising each domain of daily life into a deliberate practice, into a vehicle for spiritual transformation.

Another of the most powerful aspects of coaching is the act of entering into the commitment in the first place. Agreeing to create this committed container together can be set up to be so highly intentional that the mere act of committing provokes transformation.

Balancing Mind and Body in Coaching

Dave’s definition of an insight is that it is two thoughts or forms coming together that have never joined together before in your mind. In inner openness is required in order for insights to be able to occur. This allows the beauty of the mental function to be of service without becoming enslaved to it.

Somatic intuition is an important addition to the coaching approach, and serves to mitigate the dangers of thinking, allowing somatic intelligence to come through as well. Cultivating the habit of not thinking helps foster this ability.

The Business and Mystery of Coaching

Dave sees coaching as a form of business, in that the basic shape of business is helping people have or experience something they want in exchange for some form of wealth. It is being with people in a way that helps them experience more of what they want or need; the product is what the person wants.

Meditation is something Dave has long linked to business and coaching, to great effect. The core intention behind mediation is the return of attention to revelation of some kind of mystery. Any worthwhile coaching is grounded in the fundamental attentional practice of focusing on a client in a way that reflects upon the mystery that is them.

Showing up for clients holding this frame means we automatically invite the mystery into the session, creating an opening for greater insight on the part of both our clients and ourselves.

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About Dave

Dave Burns

Dave Burns is a transformational coach who teaches his clients how to replace false beliefs, manifest money, stop repeating bad habits and pursue more depth in their personal relationships. Previously known as the “Business Monk”, Dave approaches coaching from a deeply holistic perspective, integrating somatic intelligence and mindfulness.


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