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Episode 174

Contextualizing Coaching

In this conversation with executive coach Muriel Wilkins we explore the importance of contextualizing coaching, the pitfalls of coaching within a vacuum, growing as a coach, stakeholder-leader relationships, awareness of our biases and detaching from outcomes.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:30 Working with C-suite leaders
11:30 Understanding client context
19:00 Stakeholder-leader relationships
26:00 Attracting the clients we’re ready for
30:00 A personal palette of practices
38:00 Detaching from outcome
41:00 Meeting people where they are
47:00 Noticing our biases
51:00 Attuning to the client
55:00 Enabling choices

Resources Mentioned:
Marshall Goldsmith
Coaching Real Leaders Podcast

About Muriel

Muriel Wilkins

Muriel Wilkins, managing partner and co-founder of Paravis Partners, is a C-suite advisor and executive coach with a strong track record of helping senior leaders and teams take their effectiveness to the next level. She is the host of the Harvard Business Review podcast, “Coaching Real Leaders” and the co-author of “Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence”. Muriel specializes in working with executives in the areas of C-suite leadership, onboarding, leadership presence, succession support and leading with equity.


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