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Episode 154

Coaching in Complexity

Jennifer Garvey Berger
December 8, 2022
71 minutes

In this conversation with executive coach Jennifer Garvey Berger we explore what coaches need in these times, Jennifer’s favorite theories, flow and presence, understanding context, biases and the action urge, and how we engage with complexity.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 What do coaches need now
10:30 Client reflections
15:30 Models, flow & presence
21:30 Undefined leadership
24:00 Favorite theories
27:30 Revealing biases
37:00 Paradigm changes
42:00 Understanding context
47:30 Handling complexity
50:30 The action urge
56:00 Pattern recognition
1:00:00 Wonder and presence
1:05:00 Fostering love

Resources Mentioned:
Adult development 
Cynefin framework
Polarity Management
Power and love, by Adam Kahane
Unleash Your Complexity Genius – by Jennifer Garvey Berger & Carolyn Coughlin

About Jennifer

Jennifer Garvey Berger
Jennifer Garvey Berger

Jennifer Garvey Berger helps individuals and teams to transform themselves and their organizations, to see bigger perspectives, to think in more creative ways, and to collaborate effectively. With her partners at Cultivating Leadership, Jennifer runs transformational leadership programs and supports organizations to use their leaders (and leadership development) to encourage and support whole-of-organization change.

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