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Episode 71

Coaching from your Infinite Potential

November 30, 2020
86 minutes

As we live into these unprecedented times of rapid change, what’s the best acupuncture point to assist our clients in adapting or even thriving?

In this conversation with transformational coach Oren Harris we lean in to the question of how we can best help our clients expand their awareness beyond the confines of the mind, accessing “infinite self” and building our capacity to be with paradox.

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Accessing Resources in Times of Change

If we look at these times as an opportunity to find a new way of being with our moment to moment experience, a kind of life dojo if you will, what shifts? Is there a way to be with this destabilisation that is empowering?

The invitation has been extended, and whether or not people accept it we are all being catalysed by the same destabilisation as we live into these unprecedented levels of change.

Releasing the resistance to change is the first necessary step to opening to the gift of change. When you’re open to the unknown you have more resources available to you. As you release the tension in the effort of resisting, you open to receiving, and from then on, something else becomes possible.

Accessing the “Infinite Self”

As a coach who is open to receiving intelligence beyond what we might call the “small I”, there are always two streams of knowing present; the stream from the “I” who is the personality of the coach, and the “I” who is assimilated into the bigger whole or “infinite self”.

The former offers us our acquired toolkit from our life experience, training and so on, while the latter offers endless possibility; things our personal minds would never come up with by themselves.

Accessing this bigger “I” helps our clients engage with their bigger “I”, and get a sense of what embodying a wider consciousness could be like. This is helpful for clients who are ready to transition from mindset work to deeper transformation.

The Emerging Edge of Coaching

Shifting out of mindset work involves easing clients out of a perspective that still keeps them safe; working on mindset is still a posture of control and also only reflects awareness of one limited aspect of selfhood.

Our job as coaches in these times is to help clients understand that their minds are not actually their most important resource and that realising who they are beyond the mind is actually the most powerful way to being able to control it.

Polarity work could be argued to be the leading edge of coaching; working tantrically to transmute the poles from that bigger whole. The key in this work is holding sensation with presence and building the ability to be with paradox.

About Oren

Oren Harris

Oren Harris is a Transformational coach, spiritual teacher and pioneer on the leading edge of human consciousness. He is one of the world’s leading experts on flow states and helps leaders, high performers, entrepreneurs and creatives awaken their infinite potential, tap into flow and intuition, and have a profound impact on the planet through the full expression of their own unique gifts.


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