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Episode 203

AI & Coaching Series: Towards Human-centric AI

In this conversation with Meg Price we explore how AI coaching platforms like NoaCoach are revolutionizing the coaching industry, how we are moving towards a blend of AI and human coaching, the dangers of AI relationships and platform ethics, the impact of AI on human relationships and how we can update our mindsets around AI coaching.

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In this podcast we talk about:

03:30 The impact of AI coaching on performance
08:00 Placing humanity at the center
15:30 Blending AI and human coaching
19:00 Using AI creatively
25:00 Integrating AI and wearables
30:30 The impact on human relationships
36:00 Engaging with AI with lightheartedness
40:30 The ethics of AI
45:30 Awareness around personal data
52:00 The essence of human coaching
58:00 AI highlighting human shortcomings
1:05:00 Mindset shifts around AI

Resources Mentioned:
Character AI 
Center for humane technology
Iain McGilchrist
Perplexity AI


About Meg

Meg Price

Meg Price has over 30 years in the fields of HR, L&D, executive coaching, and consulting working with large and medium multinationals to support all aspects of leadership and team development. She is passionate about combining neuroscience and technology to support individual growth and development. Meg is a sought-after trainer, facilitator, coach and co-founder and director of Noa Coach.


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