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Episode 204

AI & Coaching Series: Democratizing Coaching

In this third episode of our AI & Coaching Series we speak with Dr. Nicky Terblanche about the potential of AI coaching for the Global South, moving beyond chatbots, a stratified approach to coaching, ethical concerns with generative AI and upleveling the coaching industry.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:00 The potential of AI coaching
08:00 Can AI learn uniquely human qualities
14:30 Moving beyond chatbots
18:00 A stratified approach to coaching
22:00 Uplevelling the coaching industry
30:30 Rationalist vs constructivist approaches
36:00 Ethical questions around generative AI
42:00 Keeping an open mind
47:00 Four categories of AI in coaching
55:30 Exploring ethical considerations
59:30 Regulating AI coaching
1:02:00 Addressing bias in AI
1:09:00 Towards new horizons of coaching

Resources Mentioned:
Stellenbosch University
Coach Vici
Gartner AI lifecycle

About Nicky

Nicky Terblanche

Dr. Nicky Terblanche is a senior lecturer and research supervisor on the MBA, MPhil Coaching and PhD programmes at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), South Africa. His academic interests include both leadership coaching and information systems, while his research interests include transition coaching, transformative learning, Social Network Analysis, complexity theory and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in coaching and management. Nicky has published in a number of international academic journals and regularly presents at international conferences.

Nicky on Research Gate

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