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Threads of Mastery

Tools for transformation in a new and complex world

David Treleaven

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Amanda Blake

Jim Dethmer

The world that lies before us is one of ever-increasing complexity.

And it needs us.

For 12 years, we’ve built Coaches Rising from a core belief:

You and I, and every coach offering themselves in service can play a critical role in the stewarding of a new way and a new world.

And yet, it’s become clear that coaching itself must change in order to fulfill its role.

Great coaches know that any one way is limiting. Any single tool or perspective is too small for navigating the complexity we’re facing now.

We’re being asked to become more agile. More spacious in our thinking.

Rather than narrowing our focus, we’re being invited to create an ecosystem of change. A diverse tapestry of modalities and practices from which we can intelligently choose in each moment.

One that invites transformation even into the most challenging moments.

Which is why we created Threads of Mastery—a free 3-part video series offering key perspectives and tools to meet the calling of these times.

Each video features a teacher who has truly mastered the art of coaching in their own unique way.

We’ve taken some of their most insightful and transformational tools and perspectives, and condensed them into pithy, powerful teachings.

Each video offers insights and tools you can apply immediately in your coaching sessions

David Treleaven | 20 July

Cultivating Resilience in Coaching

  • Understand the Window of Tolerance—a roadmap for returning to a state of resilience in times of stress and disruption
  • Learn a powerful self-regulation practice to help your clients regain their agency and connect with what they care about most

Jim Dethmer | 23 July

Coaching Context for Deeper Transformation

  • Explore the difference between content and context coaching, and how this distinction can help your clients unlock their own wisdom and creativity
  • Discover the two most powerful qualities to cultivate with your clients, so they experience deep and lasting change

Amanda Blake | 29 July

The Power of Embodied Coaching

  • Discover how to amplify the impact of your coaching by connecting to the language and wisdom of the body
  • Learn how to hold up the mirror of your client’s embodiment in order to uncover powerful truths that are hiding in plain sight

These videos are excerpts from full modules inside Tapestry—our Membership Program that brings you new threads of coaching mastery each month.

Learn more about Tapestry here.

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