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Deepen into mastery. Play at the edge. Thrive in the new world.

We are facing a world that needs us more than ever.

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Crisis and polarisation have come to the fore, pushing us to our edge as humans and as coaches. Our clients are facing challenges that cannot be met, navigated, or even understood using the old ways alone.

Coaching itself is being invited into its next evolution. 

And we as coaches are being called to evolve along with it.

We’re being asked to both deepen and expand. To hold nuance and paradox. To step into a higher order of learning and let go of fixed notions about what coaching is and how it works.

What will get us through these times is not a single method. Certainly not single tools. Not even a single system of coaching.

But rather a new way of thinking that embraces the rich diversity of approaches and methodologies that the best coaches have developed and refined over decades.

A new paradigm is taking shape—and we are dedicated to curating relevant and powerful teachings for you, while also creating space for us as a community to explore what’s emerging and for each of us to find our unique place within it.

This is why we created Tapestry—the first Coaches Rising membership program. Built on powerful, condensed teaching modules from master coaches, Tapestry is designed to…

  • Give you key insights and practical tools you can apply immediately in your coaching sessions
  • Help you develop and deepen essential capacities that enable you and your clients to thrive in these complex and uncertain times
  • Expand your palette of coaching modalities, so that you can become more agile in your practice, able to meet the needs of the future

We’re committed to bringing you the most potent and effective teachings available to us in these times. And we’re honored to have such world-leading coaches and teachers collaborating with us for this program.

We invite you to come and gather with us, and together explore this new paradigm of change.

Meet the Master Coaches You’ll Learn From

Amanda Blake

Somatic Leadership Coach

Jim Dethmer

International Leadership Coach

Jonathan Gustin

Founder of the Purpose Guide Institute

David Treleaven

Founder of the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Community

Beena Sharma

President of Vertical Development Academy

Nicholas Janni

Transformational Coach

Jennifer Garvey-Berger

CEO of Cultivating Leadership

Thomas Hübl

Spiritual Teacher

Alta Starr

Senior Teacher, Strozzi Institute

David Whyte

Poet, Writer & International Speaker
Kari Granger Headshot

Kari Granger

MCC & CEO of The Granger Network

Ginny Whitelaw

Zen Master & Leadership Expert

Tapestry takes you through a specific learning journey each month…

Live Masterclass

Each month a world-class coach will teach a live 90-minute masterclass designed to bring you relevant and powerful teachings for these times.

Live Practice Workshop

In the second week, you’ll be invited to a live practice session so you can deepen your relationship to the content presented in the masterclass.

Live Integration Session

After you’ve practiced, the masterclass teacher will return in week 3 to help you integrate your learnings and answer questions about your practice.

Live Conversation at the Edge

The fourth week is all about exploration. We’ll bring two brilliant minds together to expand the territory of the month’s topic.

Access to the Coaches Rising Archive

You’ll get immediate access to our new archive—all the recordings of previous Tapestry live sessions, plus a curated selection of our best recordings from the last 12 years.

Discounts on our other training programs

Receive a 30% discount on all our other training programs, making it easier to go deeper into any area of specialization.

Live sessions take place on Thursdays at 10am US Pacific / 7pm CET.
Masterclasses, Integration Sessions and Conversations at the Edge will be recorded.

A Look at What’s Ahead

Get Immediate Access to the Archive…

What Coaches are Saying About Tapestry

Sylvia Sage

“Absolutely wonderful! It’s probably the best and most valuable membership for coaches that you can find.”

Cornelia Guyan

“I absolutely love the format of the program and the diversity of the speakers. The line up of the speakers drew me to Tapestry and the program is even better than expected. “

Donna Musilli

“Amazing! Love the format and the learning is so rich!”

Pete Marsh

“Enriching, thought provoking, practical and useful in my practice. I’m developing a breadth and depth to my practice and the ability to pull from different tools and different perspectives and synthesize. I feel more comfortable, but equally I’m getting a greater pull from my clients. I’m getting data that says I’m having a different impact than I would have in the past.”

Caryn Corenblum

“These courses continue to be right where my edge is. This is the channel I want to learn from. It keeps reminding me of who I want to be as a coach and what I want to bring to my clients. It’s being consciously put together, the teachers we are meeting are all fantastic. It’s already broadening my capacity. I’m on my right path with fellow journeyers.”

Tree Dunbar

“It’s gone beyond my expectations. I’m thrilled with the depth. I’m appreciating the specific skills from each one that I can weave into what I’m already doing. I get these different colors of threads in my toolkit to draw from. It’s so profound, in the sanctity of a safe container. My passion for coaching is only growing.”

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As our world changes, so coaching is changing with it. Already our understanding of the field is being woven anew.

How can we prepare for this emerging new world—become “future-fit”—and fulfil our role in the evolution at play?

Tapestry is our answer to that question.

We’ve designed it to give you key perspectives and practical tools to navigate the complex world we’re now facing. 

And rather than a finite training, we created Tapestry as an ongoing program so that we can continually explore the threads of coaching mastery together as the field evolves. 

We’re dedicated to bringing you practical, relevant teachings from a diversity of approaches—all in service of your evolution as a coach.

Doors are open until August 4.

We’d love to welcome you inside.

You can sign up for Tapestry below.

*We’ll also send you invitations for some of our other programs.
Frequently Asked Questions
How is this program different from the other Coaches Rising courses?
While our other live trainings follow a specific journey deep into a coaching approach, Tapestry is an ongoing membership. This means there is no specific end point, or linear trajectory. Rather it is designed as an exploration of coaching in all its facets that will serve and resource you for the long term.
What experience level do I need to join the program?
This program is designed for practicing coaches—so long as you’re actively working with clients this program will support you whether you’re fresh from training school or a veteran of 20 years. If you’re brand new to coaching, an introductory training would be more advised.
Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

Live. All Masterclasses, Practice Workshops, Integration Sessions and Conversations at the Edge will occur live on Zoom. The Archive contains older material which is of course pre-recorded.

When are live sessions?

Live sessions are on Thursdays at 10am US Pacific Time / 7pm CET. There will be occasional exceptions when guests cannot make our regular slot.

What if I can’t attend a live session? Are there downloads available?

No problem. The downloads and replays of Masterclasses, Integration Sessions and Conversations at the Edge will be available 24 hours after the live event.

What if I want to step out, can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can easily cancel your own membership subscription anytime you like. Your membership access will remain valid until the billing period ends.
Can I receive CCEUs, with a certificate?
Yes, the Masterclasses and Integration Sessions carry 1.5 CCEUs each. If you meet the 1/3
live attendance requirement to earn CCEUs you can receive a certificate of completion.
How does my membership work? Can I cancel anytime?
Tapestry is an auto-recurring subscription. Member’s accounts are auto-billed on the day you purchased the program each month (quarter or year) for the upcoming month (quarter or year) unless cancelled as stipulated in Coaches Rising’s Terms & Conditions. Members have the ability to cancel anytime prior to their next billing date by going to ‘billing’ in your account settings.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, simply contact us at [email protected] within 30 days of your initial purchase and we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.
Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships available. You’re welcome to submit your application here. The deadline is Sunday, August 1st at 11:59 pm Pacific.

Additional Questions? Email Us.
If you have any questions you can contact us here.

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