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Episode 199

The Transformative Power of the Unthinkable

In this very special conversation with Alexander Love we speak about the transformative experience of his father’s murder and how it shaped his life and his teachings, the process of restorative justice that Alexander participated in, seeing the virtue in the “other” and how turning towards our pain and acknowledging the unbroken dimension of being is the prerequisite for forgiveness.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:00 Alexander’s story
08:00 The unbroken dimension of being
12:30 Meeting the “enemy”
20:00 Seeing through the narratives
27:00 What does forgiveness take
33:00 The path to healing
39:30 Creating lasting change
45:30 Seeing the virtue
53:00 Reconciliation and forgiveness
1:03:30 Sharing impact
1:10:00 Turning towards your pain

Resources Mentioned:
Restorative justice
Marlow Brooks

About Alexander

Alexander Love

Alexander Love, M.Ac, PCC, NCC, is a renowned teacher, acupuncturist and coach. He is on faculty at the Newfield Network, a leading coach training organization. Alexander is a developmental coach who specializes in transformational shadow work. He works with a wide range of individuals spanning the developmental spectrum which includes providing support for those in the latest stages of human development. Currently, Alexander is working on a book that is a synthesis of eastern wisdom with western developmental research to provide the coach with a deep understanding of how we grow up through stages of meaning making and how this knowledge is essential for supporting our clients.

Alexander’s TEDx talk, “How embracing pain creates a legacy of love”

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