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Episode 182

The Three Strands of Awakening

In this conversation with Dr John Churchill we explore the current meta-crisis from the perspective of planetary and human dharma, the value of different developmental approaches and how to integrate them, contemplative engineering, and becoming a planetary Bodhisattva.

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In this podcast we talk about:

03:30 The current meta-crisis
06:00 Rediscovering Western esotericism
13:00 Eastern vs Western esoteric traditions
17:00 Planetary and human dharma
24:00 Renaissance to modernity
28:30 Creating a developmental curriculum
38:30 Sutra and Tantra path
49:00 Process practices
53:00 The importance of meta-cognition
58:00 The attachment system
1:06:00 Methods and teachings
1:10:30 Contemplative engineering
1:15:30 Creating a guild environment
1:19:00 Building for our children
1:23:00 Planetary Bodhisattva

Resources Mentioned:
Ken Wilber
Daniel P Brown

About Dr

Dr. John Churchill

Dr. John Churchill is a Doctor of Psychology and teacher of Buddha Dharma as well as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and author. John’s interest in psycho-spiritual development, Integral theory, Contemplative studies, Western Esotericism, and Mahayana Buddhism began in his adolescence, leading him to spend several years as a Buddhist monk at Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland. During this time, John received the esoteric Planetary Dharma transmissions that would in time unfold as his contribution to a planetary fourth turning teaching. He is also a founding member of the Integral Institute.


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