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Episode 109

The Power of Presence

What are we really doing as coaches? What is the key beyond the tools that creates transformation in our clients?

In this conversation with conscious leadership coach Jim Dethmer we dive into the topic of presence and leadership coaching, the root causes of avoiding presence, creating sustainable transformation and key presence practices for coaches.

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In this podcast we talk about:

04:20 Presence as identity
07:40 Presence and leadership coaching
14:35 Meeting the threatened state
18:30 Creating sustainable transformation
21:30 Staying in practice as a coach
25:20 Four dimensions of attention
30:25 Trust and emergence
36:15 Fear is also flow
38:50 Key practices for coaches

Resources Mentioned:
Ram Dass
David Whyte
Loch Kelly
Waking up app
Katie Hendricks

About Jim

Jim Dethmer
Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer is a coach, speaker, author, and founding partner at The Conscious Leadership Group. He has personally worked with over 150 CEOs and their teams to integrate conscious leadership into their organizations.

Jim also leads monthly Forums for select leaders in Chicago and New York and trains coaches through The Conscious Leadership Group.

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