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Episode 127

From Decline and Collapse to Transformation and Potential

In order to foster resilience and ingenuity in these times we need to replace our obsession with decline and collapse with a focus on transformation and potential.

In this conversation with meta-cognitive teacher and author Bonnitta Roy we explore the impact of our subjectivity on the personal and collective levels, moving beyond the dominant models of change, shifting from complex adaptive systems thinking to complex potential states, types of conflict, the core-communal and cosmopolitan self, and the potential in the decline of the West.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:05 What’s your measuring tape
07:45 Two mental models of change
14:40 Complex potential states
19:45 Trusting the system
23:20 Types of competition
29:20 Leveraged conflict vs collaborative competition
34:00 Shifting our subjectivity
38:40 Evolution of the communal self
44:15 The cosmopolitan/metamodern self
53:20 Moving towards a new subjectivity
57:55 The work of speculative philosophy
1:07:10 The potential in the decline
1:13:35 A new spring

Resources Mentioned:
Dispatches from a time between worlds, by Jonathan Rowson and Layman Pascal
Speculative philosophy

About Bonnitta

Bonnitta Roy
Bonnitta Roy

Bonnitta Roy teaches insight practices for individuals who are developing meta-cognitive skills, and hosts collective insight retreats for groups interested in breaking away from limiting patterns of thought. She teaches a masters course in consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology at the Graduate Institute. Her teaching highlights the embodied, affective and perceptual aspects of the core self, and the non-egoic potentials from which subtle sensing, intuition and insight emerge. Bonnitta is the author of the popular Medium publication Our Future at Work. She is an associate editor of Integral Review where you can also find her articles on process approaches to consciousness, perception, and metaphysics.

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