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Episode 201

Christian Humanism in an Age of Separation

In this conversation with Elizabeth Oldfield we explore the role Christian values and practice can play in helping us move more gracefully through these times of divisiveness and polarization, and how to build spiritual core strength and transformation through community.

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In this podcast we talk about:

02:30 The spiritual landscape
09:00 Liturgies of our time
14:30 Listening and love
19:00 The compassion of Christianity
25:00 Trusting the relationship
33:00 Exploring purpose and vocation
36:00 Independence and interrelatedness
43:00 The values of Christian humanism
47:00 Homophily and othering
51:30 Spiritual core strength
57:00 Community and transformation

Resources Mentioned:
I and thou, by Martin Buber
Oliver Burkeman
John of Patmos
People like me syndrome

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Oldfield

Elizabeth Oldfield is an experienced leader, writer, consultant and podcast host with a passion for intelligent public engagement on issues of reconciliation, identity, and healing our common life. She is currently working with a range of organizations and individuals as a coach and consultant focused on building clarity, courage and connection. She is the host of The Sacred podcast and former director of Theos Think Tank, and appears regularly in the media, including BBC One, Sky News, the World Service, and The Financial Times. She is a regular conference speaker and chair. Before joining Theos in August 2011, Elizabeth worked for BBC TV and radio. She has an MA in theology from King’s College London.

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