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Episode 124

A Trauma-Safe Approach to Coaching

When working with trauma there is often a heavy focus on the trauma and its impact – does this need to be the case?

In this conversation with Steven Hoskinson we explore the biology of trauma, how to expand our client’s processing capacity, fostering improvisation in coaching, the biological impact of wonder, the iSOMA model, negative reinforcement and the post-trauma growth trajectory.

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In this podcast we talk about:

00:45 What is Organic Intelligence
06:10 The biology of trauma
12:15 Supporting the processing capacity
16:00 Fostering coaching improvisation
21:30 The “strange attractor” effect
25:40 The biological impact of wonder
29:40 Growing the capacity to experience pleasure
33:20 The post-trauma growth trajectory
38:25 Contextualizing personal healing
45:00 How negative reinforcement works
48:20 Beyond symptom relief
54:25 Modulating the iSOMA approach

Resources Mentioned:

ACEs study
Polyvagal Institute
The end of trauma course

About Steve

Steve Hoskinson
Steve Hoskinson

Steven Hoskinson is the Founder, CEO and CCO (Chief Compassion Officer) of Organic Intelligence® (OI) and the nonprofit Organic Intelligence Outreach Institute. He and his team offer the personal resilience 9-Week Online End of Trauma™ Course, the online Coaching Certification Course HEART@Home, and the professional Human Empowerment And Resiliency Training (HEART®).


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