Your coaching can create an alchemical shift in the teams you work with

When done skillfully, team coaching can shift the entire trajectory of a company.

And yet, the place that can unleash the most creativity, inspiration, and productivity in teams is something many of us have been taught to avoid.

It’s what holds teams back from reaching their goals, implementing their strategies, and achieving their overall potential.

In many ways, it’s the story of our culture. 


Gossip and blame when projects fail. Complaints and judgments without any movement towards resolution. Stilted, inauthentic communication.

It’s here, in the very things we don’t want to see in teams, that we can find the greatest potential for transformation. 

In this Free Masterclass, world-renowned team and leadership coach Jim Dethmer will show you how to make this alchemical shift — from drama to synergy and alignment — so that the teams you coach can tap into their greatest potential. 

In this free session you will:

  • Understand where team drama really comes from, and how you can support teams to consciously move beyond the patterns that cause drama 
  • Learn 5 leadership commitments that, when honored, will end team drama 
  • Discover how you can help the teams you work with unleash their creativity, aliveness, productivity, and effectiveness 

You’ll learn from Jim Dethmer and his team at The Conscious Leadership Group. Jim is a world-class leadership and team coach. He’s one of the most evolved people we know, and one of the best in the world at guiding teams towards conscious alignment. 

He’s distilled his decades of wisdom coaching teams into an elegant and powerful system for creating synergized, productive, drama-free teams.


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Jim Dethmer
Jim Dethmer is a world-leading transformational and visionary coach. He is a founding partner at The Conscious Leadership Group, and co-author of The 15 Commitments to Conscious Leadership. Jim has been coaching and teaching for over 30 years, dedicating his incredible presence to the expansion of conscious leadership in the world.