Coming Fall 2021


Become a Transformative Presence

Develop Inner Mastery for Extraordinary Coaching

Take your coaching to new depths—and transform your clients with your very presence

You change people with your coaching. That is extraordinary in itself.

But the deepest transformation requires something that’s not in the toolkit of most coaches.

Because the most powerful coaching practice is also the least taught and the most misunderstood.

It’s not a technique or a tool. It’s not even a mindset.

It’s a state—a space—that you create and transmit through your own presence.

And when you know how to access this state, profound, life-altering, transformation occurs.

All good coaches know that there’s a place for problem-solving. Sometimes we need to analyze the situation and help our clients find rational solutions to their problems.

But there are many times when this approach doesn’t work. Or it works at first, only to hit a dead-end that appears unpassable.

Indeed, more and more often, the problems our clients face are too complex to be solved by rational means.

Great coaches know how to tap into a zone beyond rational problem solving.

It’s a space where the things you don’t understand somehow become miraculously clear. Where you reach a level of intimacy with your client that brings trust and co-creation. Where you find yourself saying things that surprise you, or shift your client’s experience in a single moment.

It’s a space that allows—indeed encourages—the power of deep intuition and creativity to come online. It’s a space infused with transformative presence—enabling what most wants to come through you, to enter the room.

It’s a space that goes beyond technique and tools, into a different order of coaching. One where you…

  • Unlock the core of your client’s problems in a way that your rational mind could never have achieved.
  • Become so present that your native creativity and intuition can come through you.
  • Reliably enter into a state where the deepest transformational potentials of the conversation are realized.

It is this capacity for transformative presence—an often untapped, but critical aspect of the coaching encounter—that this training will teach you.

And when you learn to coach from this space, it opens up unparalleled transformational potential.

Registration opens in fall 2021

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