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Create synergized, productive, drama-free teams

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with Jim Dethmer

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One essential shift can align and activate the teams you coach

There is a revolution happening in coaching.

A recognition that when we focus solely on the individual, we forfeit tremendous power as coaches.

Humans are relational beings. We live and work, struggle and thrive… not alone, but in relationship.

That’s why working with teams is such potent work. With the right skills, you can facilitate the transformation of an entire ecosystem.

And when teams truly transform — becoming aligned, conscious, and committed to the same principles, there is an incredible release of energy. An outpouring of creativity, inspiration, and productivity. 

So why is it so rare?

What’s the thing that holds most teams back from reaching their goals, and unleashing their potential?

It’s not that the vision is incomplete. Or the strategies are wrong. Or the meetings aren’t efficient.

The greatest roadblock is more foundational. Less strategic. More human.

The politicking, rivalries, gossip, and fallings out aren’t things to manage so that you can get to the real work. The unspoken judgments and frustrations that underlie meetings and emails aren’t side issues.

These tensions are the work.

Because it’s the relational struggles that constrain and limit the team’s true potential.

And yet, it’s the drama itself that holds the keys to its own transformation — and with it, the transformation of the entire team.

And it’s this alchemical shift that Transforming Teams is designed to teach you. You’ll learn from Jim Dethmer — a world-leading transformational and visionary coach — who has distilled his decades of wisdom coaching teams into an elegant and powerful system.

He’ll show you how to skillfully walk your clients through the drama, so that they emerge as a team that’s fully aligned, deeply authentic, and energized with creativity and inspiration towards a shared vision.

Through this program you will:

  • Discover how the greatest relational struggles are the key to transformation among teams
  • Experience a new level of presence — how to be aware of yourself, the individuals, and the group — so that you can lead teams to new levels of alignment, authenticity, and success 
  • Learn how to consciously hold space for conflict among team members so that the struggle can be alchemized into creativity, inspiration, and team potential

The beauty of Jim’s method is that it gets right to the essence of how humans relate — and the transformational potential that lies within our connections. 

So whether you’re an experienced team coach, you want to begin working with teams, or you’re a coach who works with individuals and you recognize the importance of systemic thinking…

This program will give you essential understandings and practical tools to unlock the greatest roadblocks in human connection.

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7 Live Video Workshops

Learn live with world-renowned team coach Jim Dethmer, during 90-minute workshops, with breakouts and Q+A.

Earn 11 CCEUs

You will be awarded 11 Resource Development CCEUs upon completion

Workbook and Transcripts

Receive 7 full transcripts, and one workbook to help you integrate and apply your learning.

Fully Downloadable

All live sessions are recorded and can be watched via replay or downloaded afterwards.

Meet your teacher for this training

Jim Dethmer is a world-leading transformational and visionary coach. He is a founding partner at The Conscious Leadership Group, and co-author of The 15 Commitments to Conscious Leadership. He’s one of the most evolved people we know, and one of the best in the world at guiding teams towards conscious alignment.

Jim is also a phenomenal human being. He has an incredible presence and an infectious joy about him. Any conversation or lecture from Jim is a real transmission. You’ll feel different after listening to him.

The Program Schedule

Transforming Teams is a fully live and online coach training. You can join from anywhere in the world. You will find the course schedule below.

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Workshop 1

Aligning Commitments

  • Understand where all team drama comes from and why these relational struggles are the key to transformation among teams
  • Learn the 5 commitments to ending team drama and how to support groups using these commitments to unleash their full potential
  • Explore how unconscious commitments can sabotage productivity, and how you can identify and shift these in the teams you work with

Workshop 2

Claim Don’t Blame
  • Learn why blame is natural and normal… and toxic
  • Explore the difference between a blame culture and a claim culture and how claiming can radically change team alignment and connection
  • Understand what it means to own a commitment, and how it can transform all relationships

Workshop 3

Be Curious Not Correct
  • Explore the natural desire to be right, and how being right kills culture
  • Learn how to identify righteous beliefs and the stories we tell in order to be right
  • Understand the value of curiosity in relationships, and how this practice can eliminate team tensions

Workshop 4

Feel Don’t Suppress
  • Understand why suppression and unhealthy expression are natural and normal
  • Explore the 5 core feelings, and the wisdom that emerges when you can feel them all the way to completion
  • Learn how committing to feel and not suppress can shift the entire culture of a team

Workshop 5

Reveal Don’t Conceal
  • Explore the natural tendency to withhold, withdraw, and project
  • Discover how withholding can cut teams off from collective creativity and implementation
  • Learn what it means to communicate with unarguable speech, and how this increases team engagement and innovation

Workshop 6

Go Direct
  • Understand why gossip is so prevalent among teams, and how to shift the culture away from this practice
  • Practice a clearing model you can use to guide teams through difficult conversations
  • Learn how to consciously hold space for conflict among team members so that the struggle can be alchemized into creativity, inspiration, and team potential

Workshop 7

Live Team Coaching Demo
  • Watch Jim coaching his team live using the method you’ve learned, so you can see how this powerful system can transform a real issue in real time
  • Experience what a co-committed team looks and feels like, and how they navigate tensions
  • Listen as Jim offers a debrief of the process, and ask questions about how the tools were used

What graduates say about our programs

Life-altering. This course has given me the knowledge and techniques to help my clients process, understand and heal at deeper levels.

Mel Dodge Baker
Power of Embodied Transformation

This program reached right into the heart of the mystery of being a coach. It was profound and by far the most valuable learning experience I have had as a coach.

Elise Roaf
Power of Presence

A game changer for understanding how we humans behave. Essential for coaching mastery.

Laura Sciore
Neuroscience of Change

I am a more compassionate, courageous and wise coach as a result of the alchemy of this program. It helped me resonate with my own being as a coach.

Nikki Thompson
Inside Coaching

This course is amazing… the value for the money is more than any other professional development course I’ve taken. I learned more than I could have imagined and the intimacy we were able to achieve being online was surprisingly deep.

Ti Mougne
Art of Developmental Coaching

This has been the most rewarding training I’ve had as a coach. It has taken me and my work to a totally new level.

Terri Anderson
Power of Presence

Transforming Teams is for you if…

  • You already work with teams and you want to learn a system that can unlock the most foundational roadblock in team coaching
  • You want to work with teams — this will give you a solid, transformative method to build the bridge from individual to team coaching 
  • You’re a coach who works with individuals, and you recognize the importance of systemic thinking — this will give you a powerful foundation for diving deeper into the relational aspect of coaching (and life)

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