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Your coaching can become the currency of transformation for today’s leaders.

This is an extraordinary moment in time.

We stand in a space between worlds. So many of the institutions, organizations, and traditions that have guided us are no longer able to adequately respond to the challenges we now face.

The very core of our current worldview is being eroded. And with it, there is an invitation to evolve.

Today’s leaders need coaches who hold a new vision of leadership — and are equipped with new skills — to support them through this great upheaval… 

Coaches who understand that the world can no longer be navigated from our current worldview — one where a single person heroically leads a company, a movement, or a generation.

Rather, we must step into a new worldview. One that, while based on a potent evolutionary truth, has been largely disregarded in leadership roles…

Humans are relational beings. The competencies that will make the great leaders of tomorrow are not those focused solely on individual development. This moment is calling for a re-imagination of leadership — one rooted in relationship. 

And so, the most effective leadership coaches will be those who embody deep connection — helping leaders re-animate and reconnect the world around them.

Imagine being able to see and feel the entire ecosystem of an issue — working with the connective tissue between things and people, tuning your nervous system to the field of awareness we all share.

This is what enables you to skillfully step into the new world with the leaders you coach, partnering with them to become the leaders the world now requires.

Re-imagine Leadership is designed to bring you to this evolutionary edge of leadership coaching and to give you the skills you need to successfully navigate the new world we’re stepping into. 

You’ll learn from thought leaders who traverse the entire span of leadership — from the rational to the intuitive, embodied presence to innovation. They’ll take you to a depth of embodiment and energetics of leadership, while also giving you practical tools you can implement in your coaching practice right away.

Through this program, you’ll learn:

  • Why a new model of leadership coaching is required for today’s complexity
  • What today’s leaders need in a coach, and how you can cultivate the skills to step into the future of leadership coaching
  • How to help the leaders you work with cultivate greater intuition, stillness, and relational intelligence so they can navigate the challenges they face
  • How to unlock emergent leadership qualities in yourself, deepening your ability to act as an instrument for healing and change

Step into this future with us. Join us for Re-imagine Leadership.

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Re-imagine Leadership

18 Live Video Workshops

Learn live with our world-class faculty during 90-minute workshops, with breakouts and Q+A.

Earn 27 CCEUs

Accredited for 27 CCEU’s by the ICF (all 27 of which are for Core Competencies).

4 Live Actualization Sessions

Integrate and embody the principles of the program in deep practice space.

Experiential Practice Groups

Practice all the tools and methods you’re learning in carefully curated practice triads.

Workbooks and Transcripts

Receive 18 full transcripts, and 2 workbooks to help you integrate and apply your learning.

Fully Downloadable

All 18 live sessions are recorded and can be watched via replay or downloaded afterwards.

Meet the faculty for this training

This program brings together some of the most innovative leadership coaches in the world. These remarkable teachers sit at the evolutionary edge of the field, and have both tremendous expertise as well as the palpable ability to transmit the heart of this work to you.

Become the currency of transformation for today’s leaders.

What graduates say about our programs

Life-altering. This course has given me the knowledge and techniques to help my clients process, understand and heal at deeper levels.

Mel Dodge Baker
Power of Embodied Transformation

This program reached right into the heart of the mystery of being a coach. It was profound and by far the most valuable learning experience I have had as a coach.

Elise Roaf
Power of Presence

A game changer for understanding how we humans behave. Essential for coaching mastery.

Laura Sciore
Neuroscience of Change

I am a more compassionate, courageous and wise coach as a result of the alchemy of this program. It helped me resonate with my own being as a coach.

Nikki Thompson
Inside Coaching

This course is amazing… the value for the money is more than any other professional development course I’ve taken. I learned more than I could have imagined and the intimacy we were able to achieve being online was surprisingly deep.

Ti Mougne
Art of Developmental Coaching

This has been the most rewarding training I’ve had as a coach. It has taken me and my work to a totally new level.

Terri Anderson
Power of Presence

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