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Unlocking the Transformational Power of Coaching

Jim Dethmer

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Nicholas Janni
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Diana Chapman

Presence fundamentally changes the game of coaching

Good coaches know how to work with a client and help them grow.

They ask powerful questions. They help them diagnose their blind-spots and commit to specific practices. They help guide their client toward their goals.

But great coaches know there’s something beneath all this, that’s more important. Something that transforms us on the deepest levels.

It allows you to go beyond the confines of the rational mind. To tap into a new realm of wisdom and creativity. And find the place where all efforting simply falls away…

There is a way to coach in which the way forward reveals itself. 

You don’t have to search for the right question. You don’t have to select the correct tool for the problem.

The coaching conversation moves into a fundamentally different place.

It’s here where the greatest change happens. Where old stories and identities are dropped. Tensions are released. Visions realized.

When we coach from presence, we enter a frequency or state where the world becomes transparent. The space opens up. Connections are made. What’s needed in the coaching session simply shows up.

Presence is a kind of coming home. And while it may sound mystical or mysterious, it’s the most practical thing you can do as a coach.

It opens up a new realm of transformational potential in the coaching conversation that’s inaccessible through traditional tools and techniques alone.

And yet, presence is so often misunderstood. And rarely taught. So we asked 3 of our favorite coaches to speak to its potency.

This video series is designed to help you learn what transformational presence truly is, and how it can fundamentally change your coaching practice.

Free Video Series on the Power of Presence

We’ve created three videos with 3 of our favourite teachers of presence. Jim, Nicholas and Diana each bring deep experience and wisdom from their years of coaching from this place.

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Jim Dethmer

Video 1

Jim shares why presence really is the whole game of transformational coaching, and what becomes available to you and your clients from this space.

Nicholas Janni

Video 2

Nicholas dives deep into what it means to live an awakened life. He shares what it looks like to go beyond the thinking mind, and the keys to understanding the paradoxical nature of change.

Diana Chapman

Video 3

Diana brings presence into concrete practice. She offers simple yet powerful ways to connect with presence so you can deepen the transformational potency of your coaching.

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