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Episode 103

The Role of Desire in Habit Creation

Learning how to motivate ourselves and our clients is key to creating the changes we want. Simply knowing what’s good for us isn’t enough for us to change our behaviour, so what role does desire play in the physiology of habit formation?

In this conversation with desire coach Kiosh Iselin we explore the mechanics of desire, the role of desire in habit creation, hacking the dopaminergic reward system and working with self-blaming and procrastination.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:33 The dopaminergic reward system
07:05 The role of desire in habit creation
12:10 Hacking the desire system
19:05 Vision versus desire
23:15 Monitoring dopamine-seeking behaviour
29:30 Self-blame and procrastination
36:30 Manipulating the dopaminergic system
39:05 Pleasure and reward
45:10 Moving from struggle to ease

About Kiosh

Kiosh Iselin

Kiosh Iselin is the founder of The Desire Clinic, whose mission is to reconnect desire, pleasure and health. The Desire Clinic was born out of a passion to further understand how motivation functions in habit formation after Kiosh discovered that the desire system (known as the dopaminergic reward system) has a significant impact on behaviour. He is a Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach, has a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy and a Masters of Arts in Political Science.


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