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Episode 89

The Changing Skill Set of Coaches

Kari Granger
June 1, 2021
66 minutes

The world today is suddenly a very different landscape than three short years ago. It used to be enough for a coach to have coaching mastery but is that still the case?

In this conversation with executive coach and CEO Kari Granger we explore the new demands being made of coaches and the range of skills required to meet them, understanding stakeholders and systems, the shifting ground of the coaching industry and what lies beyond coaching mastery.

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In this podcast we talk about:

01:15 It’s all co-creation
07:45 Balancing vision and surrender
13:30 Communication across linguistic worlds
19:00 The new leadership qualities
27:30 The evolving range of coaching skills
34:10 Understanding stakeholders and systems
39:30 Innovation in coaching services
48:30 Exploring coaching mastery
53:00 Thought leaders and books to explore

Resources Mentioned:
Coaching Systemically, by Paul Lawrence
Think Again, by Adam Grant
Jennifer Garvey Berger
Peter Hawkins
Wade Davis, Anthropologist
Reimagining Capitalism, by Rebecca Henderson
Destiny Disrupted, by Tamim Ansary
Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari
Empire of Cotton, by Sven Beckert
Apocalypse Never, by Michael Shellenberger
Fall of Civilizations Podcast

About Kari

Kari Granger
Kari Granger

Kari Granger is an executive coach and CEO of The Granger Network with 20 years of experience catalyzing transformation at the individual and organizational level. Prior to founding her company, she served as a decorated combat veteran, where she learned the imperative of transformative leadership in high-intensity situations. Kari and her team specialize in helping companies thrive in high-pressure situations, such as restructurings, mergers and acquisitions and strategic pivots.


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