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Episode 131

Demystifying Meditation

Many people struggle to adopt a consistent and effective meditation practice – a practice that has for millennia proven to be a reliable path to inner peace and insight.

In this conversation with former monk and meditation teacher Matthew Zoltan we explore the effects of indoctrination through organized religion, the fallacy of meditation techniques, life from outside-in versus inside-out, somatic expression of emotions, regulation through sensation and the long term effects of meditation.

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In this podcast we talk about:

06:00 What is indoctrination
11:50 Escaping suffering
16:10 The fallacy of meditation techniques
26:00 The finger pointing to the moon
37:00 The problem with outside-in
47:00 Life from the inside-out
53:30 Two types of thinking
1:02:00 Somatic symptoms of emotions
1:08:05 The paradox of healing approaches
1:20:30 Regulation through sensation
1:28:00 Long-term impacts of meditation
1:36:45 The root of suffering

Resources Mentioned:
Undo App
Quiet Retreats

About Matthew

Matthew Zoltan
Matthew Zoltan

Matthew Zoltan is a former monk and meditation teacher. His insights into what works are based on decades of hands-on research, reflection and solid experience from successfully working with clients and patients with all sorts of physical and mental health issues, and with meditators interested in their own self-development. He has led hundreds of meditation courses and retreats and has also released a meditation app called Undo.


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