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How Neuroscience Is Changing Coaching

Busting Myths About How Change Happens

Richard Boyatzis

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Lisa Feldman Barrett

Neuroscience is busting myths, opening doors, and illuminating paths to better help our clients.

As the great upheaval continues, we find ourselves in a time where stress is high and truth is scarce.

The old ways are crumbling. There is more to do, and greater constraints within which to make it all happen.

Where do we turn for solid ground?

While there is no single truth or pathway that can provide all the answers, there is a rigorous field of scientific study that’s proving to be a welcome voice of clarity.

Through decades of research, neuroscience is revealing how our brains actually work, and the findings are changing the whole practice of coaching.

What opens us to change, and what closes us? Which “tried and true” methodologies actually invite transformation? And which ones work counter to our intentions, leading to stress and stuckness?

Neuroscience has these answers.

And we want to share them with you. Absolutely free.

Free video series on the Neuroscience of Change

We’ve created two videos with some of the world’s foremost experts on neuroscience and change.

These are not brief clips. They’re abridged videos of two full classes from our Neuroscience of Change coach training (Open Now!). And they’re FREE for you.

Richard Boyatzis and Lisa Feldman Barrett are pioneers in the field, and they’ll be busting myths that many of us as coaches still adhere to.

Richard Boyatzis

The Science of Effective Coaching
44 min

Lisa Feldman Barrett

How Emotions Are Made
55 min

In these videos you’ll learn…

  • Why some traditional coaching approaches actually inhibit change, and what we can do instead
  • What neuroscience reveals about how and why transformation occurs, enabling us to align our coaching with principles of deep change
  • Which practices and tools are proven to be most effective for change according to neuroscience research, and how we can use them

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