Lion Tracker's Guide to a Life of Purpose - How the ancient practice of lion tracking can guide you and your clients to your deepest purpose
Lion Tracker's Guide to a Life of Purpose - How the ancient practice of lion tracking can guide you and your clients to your deepest purpose
With Lion Tracker, Coach

Boyd Varty

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The ancient art of animal tracking has potent medicine for us as coaches and people…

There is a state of deep attunement that, on first glance, looks like magic.

A connection with yourself and to the field of awareness that’s so profound it’s as if you have become one with the moment. 

You don’t question the next step. Or worry if you’re doing it right. 

You can feel subtle shifts in yourself, in your clients, and in the environment so clearly that the path forward reveals itself.

This is the art of tracking — an ancient practice from the African wilderness that has led the best animal trackers in the world to witness elephants in the bush, lion prides on the scent of water buffalo, and the secret lives of leopards. 

In this Free Masterclass, lion tracker, coach, and gifted storyteller Boyd Varty will take you on a journey deep into yourself, where you’ll learn to track the signs of your own life the way the master lion trackers follow the majestic cats of the wild. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Use your body’s signals as a compass — allowing you to navigate pivotal moments in your coaching sessions and in your life
  • Decipher increasingly subtle signs from the environment, so you can help yourself and your clients make finer course corrections along the way
  • Generate an energy state that is playful, focused, resilient, and committed
  • Connect to the unique trail of your own life, and boldly follow it as it leads you to greater meaning, purpose, and passion

As Boyd says, “Life knows how to bring itself forth.” 

When we learn how to listen, and to track its signals, it can lead us to a life that, while we couldn’t have imagined it before we began to follow its signals, is one of deep alignment, fulfillment, and service to our greater purpose. 

If you feel called to connect with the track of your life, join us for this exciting session.

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Bob Anderson

Boyd Varty is a lion tracker, coach, and gifted storyteller. He is the author of The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life and Cathedral of the Wild. Boyd grew up on Londolozi Game Reserve in the South African wilderness, and has spent his life in apprenticeship to the natural world. He now works to bring the wisdom of nature to audiences all over the world, guiding people to find a life of meaning, purpose, and passion.