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Embodied Coaching

The Missing Piece in Creating Lasting Change

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So much of our intelligence lies in the very tissues of our bodies.

There is a vast reservoir of wisdom that most coaching methodologies miss.

And without it, the change we elicit in our clients is temporary at best.

They might light up with a new understanding, or shift their perspective, but sooner or later the old patterns resurface. And with them, the old struggles and the old outcomes.


Because transformation does not come from the mind alone.

In order for ideas of change to become actual change, we must work with the whole person — their thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body.

Embodied coaching gives you the missing piece to lasting change.

It helps you connect your clients to their deepest knowings, greatest creativity, and the intelligence of change itself. You’ll see them step into a new version of themselves right there in the session.

They get it, from the inside. Not as an idea, but as a fully embodied shift.

One that sticks.

But here’s the rub… most of us have been trained away from accessing the wisdom of the body. Our world prioritizes rational understanding over all else, and we’ve been pruned of our abilities to deeply sense and feel.

Embodied coaching reconnects you to these native abilities. It gives you access to a whole new realm of intelligence — and the keys to creating lasting change with your clients.

Which is why we teamed up with 3 of our favorite teachers of embodiment, including Richard Strozzi-Heckler—the founder of somatic coaching—to create this free video series.

You’ll learn key tools to access your own embodied wisdom, and to help your clients do the same. And when you do, you’ll see a dramatic shift in your ability to elicit sustainable change.

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Free Video Series on the Power of Embodied Transformation

We’ve created videos with 3 of our favorite teachers of embodied coaching. Richard, Beatrice and Deb each bring deep experience and wisdom from their decades in the field. They’re also teaching on our upcoming live online training The Power of Embodied Transformation.

These videos are completely FREE for you. And the first video with Richard is waiting for you as soon as you sign up.

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Video 1

Richard — the founder of somatic coaching — will introduce you to this powerful methodology, and how it truly changes the game of coaching. He’ll share the map of somatic transformation, and guide you through a practice to connect you to your own embodied wisdom.

Beatrice Hansen

Video 2

Bebe shares how embodied presence opens the door to deeper awareness, and greater choice. She shows us how the intelligence of presence can open us to greater capacity and resourcefulness, so we can better serve our clients.

Deb Dana

Video 3

Deb demystifies the inner workings of the human nervous system, offering a map of how we unconsciously respond to our environment and each other. She shares ways you can tune your own biology so you can become a true force for positive change.

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