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Introduction to
Developmental Coaching:

Why your clients resist change

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Jennifer Garvey Berger

People seek you out for coaching because they want to change.

Something within them says it’s time to grow. Time to reach beyond who they currently are and how they move in the world.

And yet, in so many ways, humans are hard-wired against change.

We’re evolutionarily poised to protect who we are today, and in so doing, we hold ourselves back from who we are becoming.

This is why, sometimes, your clients feel they’ve exhausted all possibilities and they still can’t make the changes they say they want.

It’s why they cannot always see the stories they tell themselves. Stories about who they are and how the world works.

They’re trying to change while another part of them is trying not to change.

How do we help our clients out of this contradiction, and find the path they truly want? 

The answer lies in understanding a mechanism at the heart of human growth.

In Jennifer Garvey-Berger’s book Mind Traps, she explains how our human instincts — which are designed for a simple world — fundamentally mislead us in the complex world we now find ourselves in. 

The good news is we can help our clients (and ourselves!) grow beyond these traps.

In this video, Jennifer shares the fundamentals of an extraordinary map with us, and how we can use it to change the way we coach.

You’ll learn…

  • Why understanding development is becoming more and more crucial, as the complexity of our times continues to increase
  • Pivotal coaching questions to help you uncover what’s at the heart of your client’s struggles (and why they seem to resist change!)
  • The most pervasive mind-trap, and how you can help your clients escape it

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