Live Online Coach Training | September 27–December 18, 2018

How to be a Transformational Presence

Transform your coaching with the power of presence.

There’s one thing that determines your transformative power as a coach.

It’s not the techniques you use. It’s not the training you’ve received. It’s not your unique style. It’s not your qualifications. It’s not even your level of experience.

It’s your presence.

When we asked the most powerful coaches we know what makes them great coaches, do you know what they said? It was the moment they stopped trying to perform, and simply showed up as themselves.

When you’re truly present with your client, you open the space to something beyond skill.

You let go of trying to be “a good coach” or ensuring your client “gets good results”. You enter a zone. A space that fundamentally alters the conversation.

You enter the domain of transformational presence, where you are…

  • Free from your need for approval and validation, allowing you to connect with your deepest listening.
  • Transformed into a conduit for what wants to come into the world, unleashing radical innovation and creativity.
  • Deeply connected to your client, allowing you to free their potential rather than fix their problems.

You know that space…

You’re coaching. Your client is opposite you. You’re relaxed, letting go into the moment unfolding between you.

And as you drop deeply into the conversation, time slows down, the space opens up. Something enters the space, and you find yourself saying just what’s needed, or seeing exactly what’s missing.

This is the kind of coaching that opens up an unparalleled transformational potential.

This is Coaching from Source.

15 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of coaching from source during 90-minute workshops containing lectures, coaching demos, and live discussion.

4 Integration Workbooks

You’ll receive 4 workbooks to help you integrate and deepen the key principles you learn during the entire program.

Earn 22.5 CCEUs

All our programs meet the high standards of the ICF. Attending this live training will grant you 22.5 CCEUs (all 22.5 for Core Competencies).

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded (workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks) so you can learn at your own pace.

Workshop Transcripts

Each workshop will be fully transcribed, allowing you to easily go back and revisit the learning any time you like.

Experiential Practices

Embody the principles of the training through group practices, community practice workshops and with solo practices between classes.

Meet the faculty for this training.

Coaching mastery beyond skill and technique.

Coaching from Source is a 12-week online coach training.

It’s designed to show you your unique key to transformational presence. It’s not a technique or a skill, but an orientation – a way of being – for coaching itself.

Most coaches are not taught how to access this depth of presence. It’s not something you can read about in a book. It’s not something you can simply grasp intellectually.

It’s something that must be transmitted.

We’ve chosen a faculty that will do just this for you. Because these amazing coaches not only have decades of experience in guiding people through this territory, they also live and breathe it.

Through a mixture of live teaching, coaching demonstrations, group practice and solo practices, they will show you how to sink into this transformational presence, and how to continually deepen into its power long after the conclusion of the training.

It is this presence that your clients really want from you.

They may not say it, or be able to verbalize it, but when you learn to embody it, your coaching will become extraordinary.

Come and learn how, with Coaching from Source.

We’ve created an integrated learning journey for you.

After a hugely successful initial run in 2017, we’re delighted to unveil this new and improved edition of the training. We’ve divided the workshops into three modules that build on each other and together form an integrated learning arc.

Each module consists of 3-5 live workshops taught by our core faculty. This will be followed by 4 live bonus sessions with Karen Kimsey-House, James Flaherty, Diana Chapman and Veronica Paz Olalla Love.



September 27th, October 4th, & October 18th

with Jim Dethmer

In Module 1, Jim Dethmer will introduce you to the overall terrain of Coaching from Source. You will be taught a powerful organizing framework – The 4 States of Consciousness and Coaching: To Me, By Me, Through Me and As Me. You will then learn key distinctions and practices that help you manage your internal state and maintain deep presence and attunement.



October 25th, November 1st, November 8th, November 12th, & November 19th

with Steve March & Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Module 2 builds on Jim’s foundation by moving deeply into the shift from By Me to Through Me coaching. Steve March will teach you powerful practices to access new depths of presence and Richard Strozzi-Heckler will then show you how to ground this presence in the body. You will learn how to help your clients move beyond mere problem-solving, into the realm of creative emergence.



November 26th, December 3rd, December 7th, & December 10th

with John Prendergast

In Module 3, John Prendergast will show you how to take the final step and shift into As Me coaching – courageously surrendering to source itself. You will learn how to trust the ground of being itself, and meet your clients with non-judgement, opening a space of profound insight, possibility and fulfilment for both you and your clients.

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What you will learn during the training.


Four States of Consciousness and Coaching

Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer
September 27th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Learn a powerful states of consciousness model that shows the pathway from egoic to transformative coaching.
  • Discover the key shifts that move you from one state of coaching to the next.
  • Learn one key question that people at the highest state of coaching ask constantly.

Having and Being Enough

Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer
October 4th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Learn to accept to want, need, and experience feelings of lack, giving you freedom from constant desire.
  • Identify the five key wants so that you can help your clients move out of their own suffering.
  • Learn to bring your attention to what is actually here now, so that you can transcend the need to escape lack.

Three Way Listening and Surrender

Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer
October 18th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Discover why the ability to deeply listen to your client, yourself and to source, is what allows you to attune to the deepest potential in coaching.
  • Develop your capacity to listen to each of these aspects of the coaching relationship, so that you can tap into a larger field of information and wisdom.
  • Play with how you surrender to what wants to come into the world through you.

The Dance of Work and Grace

Steve March

Steve March
October 25th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Discover the limitations of problem-solving and self-improvement coaching, and why they aren’t sufficient for our current world.
  • Learn the key principles of coaching as a process of unfoldment, and the five blockages that stop it.
  • Learn the Four Depths of Cosmos and Psyche and practice locating your clients in the present moment.

Being a Living Inquiry

Steve March

Steve March
November 1st
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Engage your love of truth itself, giving you the fuel to profoundly deepen your coaching conversations.
  • Learn to fully include and integrate bodily sensations and imaginal images during coaching conversations, giving you deeper insight into the present moment.
  • Discover how to experience deep presence and wholeness through practices of trust, acceptance and unconditional love.

The Grace of Unfolding Depth

Steve March

Steve March
November 8th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Loosen your attachment to “self” through ancient spiritual practices, giving you deep trust in what is arising in the present moment.
  • Connect with the nondual source of experience, giving you access to boundless creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Practice supporting your clients on a journey of deepening unfoldment from Source, relieving you of the burden of fixing problems or designing improvements.

Embodying the Mystery

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
November 12th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Learn embodied practices that gather and extend your attention, enabling you to be deeply connected and present with your clients.
  • Discover why mastery in life and coaching involves allowing the mystery to move through us and inform us both personally and professionally.
  • Learn how to cultivate your attention in such a way that you can be quiet enough to listen to a deeper wisdom.

Deepening Your Connection to Source

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
November 19th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Work with the patterns that block your connection to source and cause you to lose presence.
  • Understand your own unique way of sourcing information, allowing you to trust and interpret what comes through you.
  • Witness a live coaching demo where Richard will demonstrate and explain the principles he’s taught.

The Felt-Sense of Presence and the Courage to Be No One

John Prendergast

John Prendergast
November 26th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Acknowledge the courage that it takes to face, see through, and let go of your world view, and abide in the unknown.
  • Glimpse an underlying awake awareness that is prior to all of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  • Recognize and experience several common subtle somatic markers of the felt-sense of presence.

Interpersonal Presence and the Emergence of Heart Wisdom

John Prendergast

John Prendergast
December 3rd
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Learn how to evoke deep insight and creativity in others through the innocent sharing of your own presence.
  • Distinguish the experience of heart wisdom from more conventional mind-centered guidance, giving you access to more direct ways of knowing.
  • Understand the profound potential for insight, healing, and creativity that arises out of the shared, intimate, and transformational space of presence.

Nondual Presence and the Emergence of Living Truth

John Prendergast

John Prendergast
December 7th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Deepen into your experiential understanding of your essential, nondual nature, allowing you to be intimate with any moment just as it is.
  • Practice simply being open without an agenda to change or fix anything or anyone, especially yourself.
  • Begin to recognize the spontaneous emergence of living truth in coaching conversations, allowing you to align with what is most important and authentic.

Embodying Presence: Waking Up, Down, and Out

John Prendergast

John Prendergast
December 10th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Continue to deepen your experiential understanding of your essential nondual nature, creating change from the inside out.
  • Discover how to quieten your thinking, giving your heart the space to feel love, compassion and gratitude.
  • Learn to feel how life wants to move through you and as you, both in your life, and in your coaching.

Evoking Sourcefulness in Our Clients

James Flaherty

James Flaherty
December 13th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Become more skillful in spotting and amplifying the appearance of your client’s true identity during coaching sessions.
  • Learn to tune your body, mind and heart to the emerging wisdom of the present moment.
  • Practice speaking and responding to clients so they more fully recognize and cherish their true identity and power.

Playing with Persona

Diana Chapman

Diana Chapman
December 17th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Learn how to identify the ways in which your client’s personas limit their connection to source and their own innate creativity.
  • Learn how your clients use their personas to create dissatisfying connections, and discover how to choose differently.
  • Support your clients in using play to loosen their attachment to persona patterns that are no longer serving them.

Leading From Source

Karen Kimsey-House

Karen Kimsey-House
December 18th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Learn a new and expansive definition of leadership that can allow you to access wisdom beyond the thinking mind.
  • Explore a multidimensional leadership model that you can begin using right away with your clients and with yourself.
  • Discover the “energetic field of leadership” and learn how to tap the wisdom and innovation that resides there.

Anchoring Self in the Heart of the Cosmos

Veronica Paz Olalla Love

Veronica Paz Olalla Love
January 10th
10:00–11:30am US Pacific Time

  • Distinguish 4 fundamental layers of awareness, allowing you to discover where your own awareness is anchored.
  • Learn to mindfully move from one layer of awareness to another, giving you access to different depths of listening.
  • Discover the permission to surrender, allowing your coaching to be an emanation of the heart of the cosmos.

Coaching from Source reached right into the heart of the mystery of being a coach. It was profound and by far the most valuable learning experience I have had as a coach.

Elise Roaf

This program added extreme depth to my coaching practice and my clients feel liberated by the change they experience in me as coach.

Michael Kriess

Coaching from Source was a game-changing experience for me. My client work has been transformed, and my confidence grows each time I implement one of the tools I’ve learned.

Megan Baker

This course has given me the tools to reach a deeper sense of unfiltered truth, resulting in exponential growth of awareness for me and my clients.

Rodney Allen

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This is a different order of coach training.

It’s not about teaching you new techniques or tools, it’s about showing you your unique key to the zone of transformational presence.

When you surrender into this presence, let go of your need for approval, and relinquish control over the outcome, you make a different kind of conversation possible.

Creativity itself infuses the room. You both enter a state of flow.

You find yourself saying thigs you’ve never said before. Your client sees their life in a completely new way. You end up somewhere neither of you could have predicted, but which is exactly what was needed.

This is Coaching from Source. And we’d love for you to join us to learn how to embody it.

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