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How to be a Transformational Presence

Transform your coaching with the power of presence.

There’s one thing that determines your transformative power as a coach.

It’s not the techniques you use. It’s not the training you’ve received. It’s not your unique style. It’s not your qualifications. It’s not even your level of experience.

It’s your presence.

When we asked the most powerful coaches we know what makes them great coaches, do you know what they said? It was the moment they stopped trying to perform, and simply showed up as themselves.

When you’re truly present with your client, you open the space to something beyond skill.

You let go of trying to be “a good coach” or ensuring your client “gets good results”. You enter a zone. A space that fundamentally alters the conversation.

You enter the domain of transformational presence, where you are…

  • Free from your need for approval and validation, allowing you to connect with your deepest listening.
  • Transformed into a conduit for what wants to come into the world, unleashing radical innovation and creativity.
  • Deeply connected to your client, allowing you to free their potential rather than fix their problems.

You know that space…

You’re coaching. Your client is opposite you. You’re relaxed, letting go into the moment unfolding between you.

And as you drop deeply into the conversation, time slows down, the space opens up. Something enters the space, and you find yourself saying just what’s needed, or seeing exactly what’s missing.

This is the kind of coaching that opens up an unparalleled transformational potential.

This is Coaching from Source.

15 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of coaching from source during 90-minute workshops containing lectures, coaching demos, and live discussion.

4 Integration Workbooks

You’ll receive 4 workbooks to help you integrate and deepen the key principles you learn during the entire program.

Earn 22.5 CCEUs*

All our programs to date have met the high standards of the ICF. *We’ve applied for 22.5 CCEU’s, and fully anticipate this course will once again be fully accredited.

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded (workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks) so you can learn at your own pace.

Workshop Transcripts

Each workshop will be fully transcribed, allowing you to easily go back and revisit the learning any time you like.

Experiential Practices

Embody the principles of the training through group practices, community practice workshops and with solo practices between classes.

Meet the faculty for this training.

Coaching mastery beyond skill and technique.

Coaching from Source is a 12-week online coach training.

It’s designed to show you your unique key to transformational presence. It’s not a technique or a skill, but an orientation – a way of being – for coaching itself.

Most coaches are not taught how to access this depth of presence. It’s not something you can read about in a book. It’s not something you can simply grasp intellectually.

It’s something that must be transmitted.

We’ve chosen a faculty that will do just this for you. Because these amazing coaches not only have decades of experience in guiding people through this territory, they also live and breathe it.

Through a mixture of live teaching, coaching demonstrations, group practice and solo practices, they will show you how to sink into this transformational presence, and how to continually deepen into its power long after the conclusion of the training.

It is this presence that your clients really want from you.

They may not say it, or be able to verbalize it, but when you learn to embody it, your coaching will become extraordinary.

Come and learn how, with Coaching from Source.

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Coaching from Source reached right into the heart of the mystery of being a coach. It was profound and by far the most valuable learning experience I have had as a coach.

Elise Roaf

This program added extreme depth to my coaching practice and my clients feel liberated by the change they experience in me as coach.

Michael Kriess

Coaching from Source was a game-changing experience for me. My client work has been transformed, and my confidence grows each time I implement one of the tools I’ve learned.

Megan Baker

This course has given me the tools to reach a deeper sense of unfiltered truth, resulting in exponential growth of awareness for me and my clients.

Rodney Allen

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