How to be a Transformational Presence

Live Online Coach Training | October 11–December 15, 2017

Entering the realm of transformational genius.

Coaching from Source is our brand new 10-week online coach training. It was born from conversations with a great many wonderful coaches over the years.

As we interviewed these coaches, and had them teach on our programs, we began to notice a pattern. The most powerful coaches we knew all shared something in common.

They all pointed – in their own way – to a space in coaching, where genius would come on line, and they would do their greatest work.

It’s not from a script. It’s not a technique. It’s not about “trying to be a good coach” or people “liking” you.

It’s more like entering a zone. Allowing what wants to come through.

You know that space… where your client delightfully surprises you, where you find yourself saying things you didn’t expect. When the pieces come together and you know what’s being called for.

When we move into this space, magic can happen.

And so this is what Coaching from Source has been created to teach you: how to consistently enter the space where genius can come on line.

11 Live Video Workshops

Learn the key principles of coaching from source during 90-minute workshops containing lectures, coaching demos, and live discussion.

7 Integration Workbooks

You’ll receive 7 workbooks to help you integrate and deepen the key principles you learn during the entire program.

Earn 16.5 CCEUs

All our programs meet the high standards of the ICF. Attending this training will grant you 16,5 CCEU’s (even if you can’t attend live).

Fully Downloadable

Everything can be downloaded—workshop videos, audio versions, transcripts, workbooks—so you can learn at your own pace.

Workshop Transcripts

Each workshop will be fully transcribed, allowing you to easily go back and revisit the learning any time you like.

Experiential Practices

Embody the principles of the training using specific practices between sessions – practice solo or with a partner.

Meet the faculty for this brand new training.

When we first discussed the idea for this program over coffee, we knew exactly who we wanted to teach it. And they’ve all been generous enough to say yes.

These deeply wise coaches and teachers will take you on a rich learning journey through into the nature of transformational presence.

Coaching mastery beyond skill and technique.

You’re coaching. Your client is opposite you. You’re focussed and present, yet relaxed, letting go into the moment unfolding between you.

And as you drop deeply into the conversation, time slows down, the space opens up. Something enters the space, and you find yourself saying just what’s needed, or seeing exactly what’s missing.

You are entering the domain of transformational presence. A space that fundamentally alters the conversation. One where you are…

  • Freed from your need for approval and validation, allowing you to connect with your deepest listening.
  • Transformed into a conduit for what wants to come into the world, unleashing radical innovation and creativity.
  • Connected to the creative field, allowing you to free their potential, rather than fix their problems.

This training program is designed to show you your unique key to this gateway, and how to enter this transformational space, consistently. Our faculty have decades of experience in guiding people through this territory.

When you begin to learn how to let go of the outcomes, and trust what is emerging through the space, you connect to a deeper wisdom.

This is coaching that comes directly from source.

Why we created Coaching from Source.

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What you will learn during the training.




Coaching beyond the need for approval

Jim Dethmer
October 11th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Understand why your negative reactions as a coach are rooted in the same distortion of reality: you have lost touch with the present moment.
  • Learn how to source your sense of approval, control and security from inside yourself, dissolving your need to please your clients.
  • Connect to the stability inside, listen deeply to presence and surrender to what wants to happen in the coaching session.

Three Way Listening and Surrender

Jim Dethmer
October 18th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Learn why the ability to deeply listen to your client, yourself and to source, is what allows you to attune with the moment, and hear what needs to be said.
  • Develop your capacity to listen to each of these aspects of the coaching relationship, so that you can tap into a larger field of information and wisdom.
  • Play with how you surrender to what wants to come into the world through you.




Full-Spectrum Presence

Katie Hendricks
October 25th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Learn how to be present with your clients using your whole-body experience, fundamentally changing the coaching container.
  • Invoke a sense of awakened possibility in your clients through the depth of your presence.
  • Follow the subtle clues your clients are giving you, and help them find what nourishes them most.

Following the Threads of Transformation

Katie Hendricks
November 1st, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Learn how to recognize in-the-moment body signals that indicate an openness to discovery in your clients.
  • Understand how unloved or un-integrated parts of the coach are often reflected in client’s issues and impact your ability to meet them fully.
  • Learn experiential practices to befriend fear, allowing you to release conflict and drama, and allow resonance and co-creativity.

Karen Kimsey-House



Learning to Let Go

Karen Kimsey-House
November 8th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Understand the courage it takes to let go of your ego and become innocent and receptive to the moment.
  • Explore the beliefs and assumptions that bind you to need for ‘looking good’ and ‘getting it right’.
  • Have the embodied experience of what is available in this space of greater emptiness, trust and open heartedness.

Learning to Let Come

Karen Kimsey-House
November 15th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Explore the fundamental nature of trust, and how trusting ‘life’ or ‘source’ changes things.
  • Experience how you uniquely receive information through presence or ‘the field’.
  • Practise speaking your intuition courageously, and with non-attachment.

Richard Strozzi-Heckler



Embodying the Mystery

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
November 22nd, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Learn embodied practices that gather and extend your attention, enabling you to be deeply connected and present with your clients
  • Explore how mastery in life and coaching involves allowing the mystery to move through us and inform us both personally and professionally
  • Learn how to cultivate your attention in such a way that you can be quiet enough to listen to a deeper wisdom

Deepening your Connection to Source

Richard Strozzi-Heckler
November 29th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Work with the patterns that block your connection to source and cause you to lose presence.
  • Understanding your own unique way of sourcing information, allowing you to trust and interpret what comes through you.
  • Witness a live coaching demo where Richard will demonstrate and explain the principles he’s taught.

John Prendergast


The Felt-Sense of Presence and the Courage to Be No One

John Prendergast
December 4th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Acknowledge the courage that it takes to face, see through, and let go of your world view, and abide in the Unknown.
  • Glimpse an underlying awake awareness that is prior to all of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  • Recognize and experience several common subtle somatic markers of the felt-sense of Presence.

Interpersonal Presence & the Emergence of Heart Wisdom

John Prendergast
December 11th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Recognize a different, deeper way of knowing and being that can be called heart wisdom.
  • Distinguish heart wisdom from more conventional mind-centered guidance.
  • Understand the profound potential for insight, healing, and creativity that arises out of the shared, intimate, and transformational space of presence.

Michael Neill


Facilitating the Dance of Transformation

Michael Neill
December 15th, 2017
10am-11:30am USA Pacific Time

  • Understand the difference between earned traits and temporary states of presence, allowing you to actually attune and respond to source.
  • Learn why exploring the real territory is more important than studying the map, and how doing so will transform your ability to coach in the moment
  • Distinguish the signal of source from the noise of personal thinking, allowing you to amplify and tune what is true.
The course has fundamentally changed the way I think about myself, my clients and other people in my life! I feel as if I’ve been given yet another key to understanding the human condition. What a great gift!

Jeanne Lebens – Participant in The Art of Developmental Coaching

The course teachings and experience impacted me profoundly. I could see the applicability of the models presented directly in my practice and with specific clients. Excellent value, cutting edge of evidence-based coaching theory.

Alison Carroll – Participant in Leadership Coaching Summit

It has been a highly recommended experiential learning. I learned practical tools that helped me centre, clarify my commitment and open my view to new possibilities. The faculty is outstanding!!

Diego Robles – Participant in Power of Embodied Transformation

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