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With Staci Haines

With Staci Haines

Embodied coaching is the antidote to the quick-fix culture

Faster. Better. More. Now. This is the story of our times.

We’re asked to get more done in less time. To increase performance and productivity. To address complex issues in less time than we had to work on simpler ones.

Your clients may be pushed to reach higher quotas, churn out more, and get it all done faster than ever.

And they may show up for your coaching session looking for a quick fix.

But true, lasting change doesn’t play by the rules of faster, better, more. 

To create transformation that sustains, you must learn to work at depth — moving slower, and going deeper — so you can connect to a wisdom beyond the mind. 

So much of our intelligence lives in the very cells of our bodies, and when you learn to access it, a whole new depth of transformation becomes available.

You’re able to help your clients cultivate a deeper connection with themselves, guiding them in their own process of maturation.

Deeper patterns are revealed, and contracted states become the gateway to transformation instead of roadblocks to change.

In this free Masterclass, international leader and somatic coach Staci Haines will teach you how to work at depth with the wisdom of the body so you can create lasting change with your clients. 

Through this experiential session you will:

  • Learn the core elements of embodied transformation (including tools you can use in your very next coaching session)
  • Explore somatic practices that will help you uncover the deeper patterns that are at the root of your client’s struggles
  • Watch Staci coach someone live using these tools, so you can see how this powerful practice can transform a real issue in real time

The entire Masterclass is completely free to attend. And if you can’t make it live, sign up anyway and we’ll send you the replay!

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Staci Haines is an international leader and coach in the field of Somatics, and a senior teacher at the Strozzi Institute. She is the author of The Politics of Trauma: Somatics, Healing and Social Justice and Healing Sex: A Mind Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma. For 30 years, Staci has been using her wisdom of embodied approaches to champion both personal and social transformation in the world.