Embodying Your Authentic Power

How to inspire the world around you by transmitting what you most care about.

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If there’s ever been a time when we need to show up, embody what we most care about and inspire the world around us—is it surely now.

Abuses of power dominate the news. Our political leaders seem to fall short of their appointed responsibilities. Disillusionment grows.

But it is when we embody our authentic power—when we transmit the things we most care about—that we are able to truly inspire the people around us.

How do we do this?

Join embodied coaching experts Wendy Palmer, Amanda Blake, and David Treleaven in their exploration of this important topic.

Wendy Palmer Leadership Embodiment Author of The Intuitive Body

Wendy is the founder of Leadership Embodiment, and is recognized as one of the founders of the embodiment movement. She’s worked with some of the world’s biggest companies and holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido.

Amanda Blake Somatic Leadership Coach Author of Your Body Is Your Brain

Mandy is a leadership coach who works with socially conscious entrepreneurs using a holistic, body-oriented approach. She holds a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and has taught leadership programs for the likes of Nike and NASA.

David Treleaven Coach and Writer Senior Teacher at Strozzi Institute

David is a coach, writer and trauma professional whose work focuses on the intersection of mindfulness, trauma, and social justice. He is the author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulnes.

During this event we discuss…

  • How we can work with our embodiment so that our actions, words and our presence transmit what is deeply important to us?
  • How can this authentic power change the way we coach clients, and what are the practices that enable us to do so?
  • How can we remain open, authentic and uncontrived, as we unashamedly embody our own most powerful self?

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