The Art of Developmental Coaching — Free Workshop

3 Coaching Questions that can Change Who We Are

with Jennifer Garvey Berger

Photo of Jennifer Garvey Berger

In this workshop, one of the leaders of the developmental coaching field—Jennifer Garvey Berger—introduces you to 3 powerful questions that activate deep growth, and can change who you and your client are being.

By watching this video workshop you will…

  • Explore the difference between developmental coaching and other forms of coaching so you can utilize the most powerful approach for your client’s growth.
  • Learn Jennifer’s most powerful coaching questions—and the secret sauce that makes those questions so helpful to all of us as we seek to grow.
  • Discover how to listen to your clients in a new way that gets underneath their stories, and into the way they actually see the world.

Additionally, in this handout, you can access our comprehensive harvest of the favorite transformational coaching questions that participants shared live.

About The Art of Developmental Coaching

This workshop is a free introduction to The Art of Developmental Coaching. This 20-week online coach training is designed to equip you with tools and maps to help your clients go beneath the surface of their goals and frustrations, into the domain of deep change.

We’re blessed to have as our faculty, the people we consider the very best developmental coaches around – Jennifer Garvey Berger, Bob Anderson, Robert Kegan, Carolyn Coughlin, Bebe Hansen, Rob McNamara, Spring Chen and Beena Sharma.

Everything is taught via live video workshops, complete with workbooks, transcriptsand the chance to partner up with other coachesto practice your learning. If you’re accredited with the ICF, the training carries 24 CCEUs.

The program kicks off on February 11, and registration is open until February 8.

Click below to learn more or book your spot.

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