Coaches Rising is at the forefront of a movement that is committed to radically further the impact coaches have in the world and the success they experience. We believe that the work we do as coaches, and the way of being it represents, is essential to the kind of shift the world needs and deeply desires.

Both of us have spent the last 10 years of our lives dedicated to our own and others psychological and spiritual development. We are extremely passionate about coaching and feel a strong sense of purpose to take the field of coaching to the next level. We are motivated by a desire to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to human growth, success and transformation. Coaches Rising, and The Dynamics of Change and The Power of Embodied Transformation are the result and the vehicles.


Joel Monk

Leadership. Authenticity. Action.

Joel trained at the London Centre for Coaching and completed the 12 month intensive program ‘The Creative Coach’. Originally training as an artist at Manchester Metropolitan University he worked for many years facilitating diverse communities through learning journeys that explored issues of identity and social cohesion. Joel has always been interested in exploration of one kind or another, whether that be through his extensive travels in Asia or through the many hours of psycho-spiritual practice he has dedicated himself to.

As a coach Joel is dedicated to increasing his clients Inner Leadership capacities. This he names as the ability to take full responsibility for ones situation, to remain resourceful and creative, making choices and taking effective action no matter what is going on.

Spontaneity. Creativity.

He likes spontaneity, creativity, travelling, cooking delicious curries, practicing Kung Fu, reading conscious stuff, chatting and drinking with friends, and kicking back with his lovely girlfriend.

Laurens van Aarle

Resilience. Joy. Presence. Impact.

Laurens trained with the acclaimed Coaches Training Institute in the Netherlands and is a Co-Active Coach with an active and international clientele. Next to his kick ass coach training he also holds a semi-sophisticated doctoral degree in psychology from Maastricht University.

As a coach he helps budding and aspiring entrepreneurs tune into their highest purpose and then align their lives and businesses with it. Powerful stuff!
He brings presence, clarity and curiosity to the coaching process inviting his clients to live inspired, resilient and impactful lives.

Recurring side-effects of his coaching have been reported to be:
….. increased joy, presence and impact!

Zen. Love. Life.

Laurens is also a passionate photographer, cook, writer and meditator. He loves cooking up some French, Italian or Japanese dishes for friends and family. Along the way he fell in love with jazz music, zen practice, weightlifting, whisky, Japanese culture, and the mystery and radiance of everyday life.


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Laurens & Joel